After The Storm

This is… not my favorite bit of writing I’ve done. It’s… half-inspired by the beginning of the Windows Down video? But it’s more inspired by these gifs Itzel made FROM that video…

The first thing Kendall notices when he wakes is that he’s covered in sand. There’s sand in cracks and crevices of his skin and clothes alike. It’s in his eyelids and lining his lips, a fine dusting in between his toes. It’s everywhere.

Slowly, he remembers that he’s on a beach. That explains the sand, but it doesn’t explain everything else.

He’s aching all over, his legs and arms shaking with the exertion of a simple movement. He opts to lie still for a moment, collecting his thoughts. All he can remember is going surfing with the guys. It was getting real choppy and they’d decided to come out of the water and sit around the fire for a bit.

He groans and lifts his head, looking around. James is nearby, lying flat on a surfboard. Carlos isn’t far off, leaning back against… Kendall wants to say it’s an overturned chair or something? In fact, a lot of the chairs and umbrellas they’d had are overturned and strewn about the beach around them.

He looks a little closer to himself and sees Logan lying on his side, head pillowed on his outstretched arm. He reaches out and taps Logan’s wrist. “Get up,” he murmurs, throat scratchy and pained. He feels like he’s maybe even swallowed some of the sand that’s gotten everywhere.

Logan doesn’t move and Kendall nudges him again, pushing himself up carefully and crawling closer to the sleeping form. “Logan, c’mon. Let’s get this cleaned up.”

James grunts and sits up slowly, rubbing his head and looking around. “Is… Is everyone okay?” he asks quietly, craning his neck to look at Carlos, who’s slowly shaking himself awake.

"What happened?" Kendall asks him, reaching out once more to wake Logan, this time gripping his shoulder and giving him a semi-rough shake.

Carlos coughs and curls over on his side, sputtering into the sand for a second. James pulls himself toward the Latino and rubs his back gently.

"We got caught in a storm," James says after a moment.

Carlos groans and curls tighter around himself, coughing softly and whining. “A bad one,” he whimpers dryly. “Knocked a bunch of stuff around.”

Kendall blinks and looks around. “A storm?” He vaguely remembers people shouting, a sense of panic, but he can’t wrap his brain around a storm. He knocks his hat off and rubs the back of his head, suddenly wincing sharply and pulling his hand away to find blood on his fingertips. “Oh,” is all he can muster.

That explains a lot.

He looks back to Logan, who’s yet to move, and panic rises in his chest again. “Logan, wake up!”

Carlos sits up with a grunt and another cough. “He got knocked out by a chair,” he says, looking down. “The wind picked it right up and slammed him in the back and head. You went to help him and got tangled in a towel. Last thing I saw was you go down. Then I don’t remember what happened after that.”

Kendall’s chest is tight with fear and he pulls Logan to himself, cradling the shorter man in his arms and listening for anything, any breath, any sound, any sign of life. He gulps and presses his forehead to Logan’s, a sob bubbling up and out.

James wraps his arms around Carlos’ shoulders and sighs quietly, watching Kendall and Logan.

"He’s gonna be okay," Carlos says, though whether it’s a question or a statement is hard to discern.

James’ eyes lock on Kendall as the blond clings to Logan, checking for a pulse and quietly crying. “I hope so.”

Kendall’s fingers slip along Logan’s neck as he searches for a pulse, his hands shaking too much from fear of losing his best friend. He tries and tries again, his hand finally stilling where Logan had always shown him to search. There’s a faint, but very present tha-thump of a beat under his fingertips and he can feel his breath coming easier as he looks down at the man in his arms. Logan’s chest rises and falls with a shaky breath and then another.

"Logan," Kendall calls, sniffling and pushing Logan’s hat off his head to push shaking fingers through Logan’s hair.

Logan finally moves, shifts his shoulders against Kendall’s arm and twists his neck, facing the blond a bit more directly. He squeezes his eyes tight, then lets them squint open to slits. “Kendall?” His voice is rough, like all of them, and filled with pain that strikes Kendall’s heart.

But here he is, alive, and Kendall can’t help but want to leap for joy over that simple fact. He can’t remember how any of it happened. He can’t even think what their next step is, though something in the back of his mind knows they should all find a hospital soon. All he can think about though, is that Logan is alive.

"It’s gonna be okay," Kendall whispers, leaning down and pressing his lips to Logan’s forehead. "We’re all gonna be okay now."

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